Workshop Games

The games below are suitable for use in a workshop, but would not normally be presented to an audience.

There are many to come…

Sound and Motion Circle: Each player makes a sound and motion to their neighbour, who mirrors it then repeats it to the next person.

Add a Part: Players become parts of a larger object.

Arms – Party Version: Players form pairs, with the back player providing arms for the front player. They interact at a party.

Beads on a String: Two players say the disconnected first and last line of a story. Other players add themselves to the row to produce a coherent story.

Bippidy-Boppidy-Boo: A circle of players follows instructions given by a leader in the middle.

Blind Offers: One player makes a motion or a statement which is open to interpretation. The second player makes sense of it.

Blocking: One player makes an offer. The other blocks, or accepts negatively, or accepts positively.

Clap Focus: Circle warmup game (with many variations) where players give focus to other players by clapping in their direction.

Dude! Circle game where players look up from the ground and face left or right. If they’re facing someone, they both say “Dude!” and leave the circle.

I’m a… : Players add themselves to a tableau while describing what they are.

Vroom: Circle game where players collaborate while moving an imaginary car around the circle.